Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bono gives "Elvis and Ireland" the thumbs up!

Ivor Casey, author of Elvis and Ireland and Bono in Dalkey
Irish rock star Bono and myself met recently at The Corner Note Café in Dalkey. When asked about his inclusion in the book, Bono, who has been reading his own personal copy, remarked that he was "delighted to be part of the whole thing". The book is set to be launched by Barry Devlin of Celtic Rock group "Horslips" on 10 May 2013 at The Corner Note Café.

"Elvis and Ireland" explores the life of Elvis and his influence and connections with Ireland. It is a social and historical study, documenting the evolution of rock and pop culture in Ireland, while simultaneously covering the entire story of Elvis's life, with some new fresh perspectives. Having been born over six years after Elvis died, my study of his life reflects a new generation of Elvis enthusiast.

Among the Irish influences and connections include Irish songs he sang and the listings of Irish singers who covered his work. It touches on his Irish genealogy and documents the Irish actors and singers he worked with and came in contact with throughout his life. It also details how Elvis and rock 'n' roll music was first received here by the establishment and how rock 'n' roll and popular music first formed in the country. There is also details about the movies of his which were censored and the Irish cinemas that first screened his films, as well as the Irish chart successes he had, among many many more interesting facts and trivia. "Elvis and Ireland" is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and is in print to order from other leading book stores.

Comments about Elvis and Ireland by some top journalists:

"Genuinely original" ... "entrancingly idiosyncratic work" ... "startling, surprising and not without significance" - Eamonn McCann (Hot Press; Vol:37 Issue:08 - May 8 2013)

"Casey has to be commended for a rare feat: an original book on The King" - Barry Egan (The Sunday Independent, March 31 2013)

For a further read about the book, check out The Sunday Independent article by Barry Egan, titled "The King and Us: How Elvis Shocked The Irish" at the following link:

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